Posted by Joy Frey Waltmire on Feb 29th 2016

"Trending now." New household buzz words.Ever wish you were the brains behind the newest, hottest trend?What are your thoughts? I have a few. We feel we have our thumb on the pulse of farmho … read more

SavvyCityFarmer Makeover

Posted by Joy on Dec 27th 2015

Where to begin?Have you taken down the tree?Ready to start fresh?Feel like you need a whole house slipcover?Where to begin? You've come to the right place. Tag along here, {our website is ge … read more
Welcome to SavvyCityFarmer

Welcome to SavvyCityFarmer

Posted by Joy Frey-Waltmire on Aug 1st 2015

You just never know where life's road will take you. I was born and raised on a dairy farm in the Midwest. That in itself bred the love for all things vintage and farm related.  Auctions, furnit … read more