Posted by Joy Frey Waltmire on Feb 29th 2016

"Trending now." New household buzz words.

Ever wish you were the brains behind the newest, hottest trend?

What are your thoughts? I have a few. 

We feel we have our thumb on the pulse of farmhouse design. (yes we're out shopping and buying at least once a week) there are a few basics and then you can put your spin on it with your collections and one of a kind accessories. 

My first advice is always to stay away from "Home Goods"

I call this the "duh" factor.

Train your eye, and then learn to trust your trained eye.

There's a plethora of inspiration via Pinterest, blogs, and creative websites with beautiful images.

Back to "trending now." Here's my two cents. I'm seeing very edited rooms, large cupboards, mostly primitive, fabulous farm tables, industrial mixed with and softened by wood and painted pieces. One of a kind found objects, and architectural elements, I believe are here to stay.

Oh, and never underestimate the power of vintage white. It swooped in years ago and it's making another grand entrance. Perhaps, it really never went away. 

So drama pieces, soft colors, egg blue, moss green, and worn and aged reds. For the lover of all things white, be sure to mix in some natural woods for the sake of "eclectic" ... trending now!