SavvyCityFarmer Makeover

Posted by Joy on Dec 27th 2015

Where to begin?

Have you taken down the tree?

Ready to start fresh?

Feel like you need a whole house slipcover?

Where to begin? 

You've come to the right place. Tag along here, {our website is getting a makeover, as well} and we'll help you redo, restart, refresh, and restory your home. 

Drop your worries about where to start and what to do first, at the door. We're fixin' to walk with you on the journey to a farmhouse makeover. 

If you're already packin', pitchin' and itchin' to get started, and we know you are, here's the fist step on our new journey together.

1. Love it or leave it.

While packing up your holiday decorations:

~ if you do not absolutely LOVE each and every ornament

~ if half the lights don't work

~ if it's outdated and or not a family treasure

~ if it's just simply tacky

DO NOT put  it in a tub marked 2016

Love it or leave it.